Before corona 2020 I was working as professional sports photographer doing weddings on the side. And as you can imagine with no sports around that career kind of have ran into a halt. So 2020 and 2021 have and will be all about reinvention ones self. For one I found an online language course provider and am brushing up both new and old language skills.

In everyday life I love good food and vine and could spend hours scouting through various kinds of thrift stores and flea markets to find the perfect décor to our gorgeous townhouse built back in 1913 which we’re currently renovating.

But thrift store wandering is yet another things that really haven’t been possible since March 2020. Even so there are loads of things already in the house which I already dragged home which now makes lot of fun to restore, reinvent and repurpose.

If you’d like to follow the house renovation, my artsy sides – who doesn’t love acrylic paint, Mod Podge, glitter and glue –  furniture restorations and even share your own stories you will need to use the Connect link in the menu and sign up to the site.

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