You know that saying when it sounds too good to be true it normally is? This week I spent €54 for pure rubbish that promised much and delivered nada, zero and absolutely nothing.

It all started with me wanting to cast a thing into a mold. And after extensive research I came across a silicone clay named Silli Creations from which you could create molds from. An easy, breezy “work the clay together and press an object into it and you’ll get a perfect mold out of it showing exquisite details”. As if..

Sometimes you just need to listen to the warning signs that tell you something is fishy. Normally I do but after a year of more or less corona confinement just let us agree the radar is malfunctioning.

Either way I ordered the clay – hey it rhymes – and then my punishment began. First object even after using more clay recommended for the size of the object was not enough. And the object went straight through and into the bottom. Since the clay has very little work time it was a mission impossible to try and fix.

Practise makes perfect, or maybe not..

Second attempt, bigger object using WAY more clay than the seller advised was not enough. I noticed this when doing my object and decided to ignore a corner would come of cause I was intrigued to see the details of the object come out in all their glory. WHAT A BUST!

There are no details. No let me rephrase this. There are details. But none of the sort that actually belonged to the object I tried to turn into a mold.

With the rest of the clay I tried to use the original object again. Not once but twice. The clay doesn’t keep the shape, the clay doesn’t mirror the details. And for the grand finale and final piece of rubbish clay I had given up and ran into the living room and found a smooth sailing elephant and pressed into the clay.

silli creations
The Missing Leg

I will admit the trunk actually did show with some detail. But one of the front legs is cut off. And since the clay has some weird surface my elephant looks like a cheap plastic three legged freak. Epic fail!

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