So I am a sucker for vintage furniture and thrift store wandering. But online I am totally addicted and fascinated by IKEA hacks. The things people come up with is amazing and since most of us know quite well what IKEA furniture looks like before they’ve been hacked it makes these things even more fascinating.

Yesterday however, I came across a site where they share tips and tricks on interior design and such and found an article labelled: Amazing IKEA hack, turn cabinets into feature piece.

Awesome! Or so I thought. The reporter had seriously taken an IKEA Ivar cabinet and painted it. That’s it. No whistles, no sparkles, no legs, no patterns, no nothing except for a layer of paint. Painting a piece of furniture is not a hack, it is painting a piece of furniture. And speaking of which.

Yesterday I selected a greyish, greenish kind of tint to paint our boring brownish black bed into something more appealing. How very exciting! Cause I’m thinking the new colour will match the dark blue walls perfectly and make the bed pop!

I am also having a styrofoam hack coming up which includes acrylic paint and structure paste. Let’s see how that pans out. First the builders need to come and finish of our downstairs powder room ones and for all so we can start getting things in our into place!

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