So, sometime around Christmas the first corona kilos entered my body. So far I actually managed to stay clear of them. But then again I love baking cookies. Which I do, a lot.

And if you bake you need to eat cause it would be an almost mortal sin to let good food go to waste. So for now, during a well deserved break in our house renovation I keep baking and perfect my gluten free Hazelnut cookies and Short bread, YUM!

abstract painting in the making by vanderbromsDuring this break I have also managed to dig out my art supplies. Latest project is an abstract painting for myself plus updating the web shop.

Let’s just say, so far updating the >> web shop << has been a way smoother task than working the actual painting. But those colour dots actually saved it.

Now I just patiently have to wait for some new supplies to arrive, hopefully in time for the weekend so I can take it a bit further 🙂

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