The past couple of weeks our bedroom have finally started to shape up into an actual bedroom. Me am not allowed and trusted to paint walls and trims. But I am allowed to do furniture.

So I took on the night stands which we picked up at the shop around the corner during spring. To me they were perfect for the bedroom. The square style and three drawers perfect for both looking good, being functional and provide some additional storage.

I ordered some Svensk Blue from Annie Sloan – allegedly the Holy Grail of Chalk paint. And since the Black Wax I purchased some days earlier were a smash hit I did not see anything actually going wrong with this mission.

Minty green..

Rust-Oleum meets Annie Sloan
Rust-Oleum Graphite meets Annie Sloan Svenska Blue

However, the Svenska Blue for sure would have been named Barnslig* Minty Green if it was sold at IKEA. Even worse. The coverage of Annie Sloan is absolutely terrible.

Two layers later you can still see the wood. One layer of Rust-Oleum on the faux mantle we purchased and painted days earlier was almost enough. So in all there was a huge difference in between these two brands of Chalk paint.

To avoid the minty green we mixed in some of the Graphite grey from Rust-Oleum into the Svenska Blue and then the colour was more accurate. But then, the bed moved into the room and that is when we realised the antique gorgeous little night stands are too small for the bed.

So now we have our old bed and our old nightstands in place till the coming weekend when we will take the whole thing apart again to place the skirtings, paint a second top coat on the walls and just maybe get going with also painting the first top coat on our Scandinavian inspired white wooden floor.

* Barnslig is Swedish for Childish

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