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geranium pelargon
One thing’s for sure. The Covid-19 pandemic have really shown its ugly face the past couple of months. Personally I feel a bit like grasping for air.

“We all go a little mad sometimes”

Thankfully me grasping for air so far have nothing to do with catching the corona virus. No what amazes me is the way people choose to behave and act under these circumstances.

And one of the worst things I’ve noticed is people for real are trying to shut people up. At least if they don’t share the same point of views! I am not talking governments and secret agents. I am talking about regular presumed intelligent middle class people.

In some cases things have gone so bad it turned into some kind of collective and communal censorship.

I personally thought society hit a low point long time ago trying to discuss migration in Europe. But along came Covid-19 and people have gone like bananas.

Why bother?

Also frightening are some of the governments of the free world. Who the heck put these clowns in office? And even more importantly do I know any of these people cause I really would like to find out!
Either way in this total chaos, I try to stay clear from getting sick. I also try to stay clear from negative energies in general.

The latter means I have cleared out my private social media accounts quite hard regarding who has access and who shouldn’t have it. The main question I’ve been asking myself when doing this is; If we have nothing in common why bother?

So block and delete and vice versa has become my motto.

Even better is I’ve re-connected with people I kind of lost contact with. I’ve also got to know others better than ever. All this through our daily contacts via various apps and messages. Can’t wait till I can hang out with my favourite people again!

And on the press conference tonight there was a glimmer of hope that maybe I can get out shooting photos again. That would be great cause I’ve really missed doing so.

But for now I will jump into the hot tub, read a book and come up with some writing ideas. Cause in line of cleansing my life from negative energy I also strive to do things that makes me happy. Writing is one of those things so I hope it will come back to me 🙂