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Woaw, the impact of the Corona Covid-19 virus has finally hit hard to home all over the globe. During the past weekend in my country as well as others I watched people totally ignore all advise and recommendations of staying clear from each other.

By doing so they did not only risk their own lives but also the lives of others.

I will not comment that much further but let’s put it like this. My circle of distant and even close friends have rapidly changed its layout the past couple of days..

Today I see people encourage people to not shop online but instead support their local vendor. And putting this in context of the corona virus I have to ask but why?

Shopping online and getting things delivered by the door will for sure reduce any kind of human contact. Reducing human contact will reduce the chances for this bitch virus to carry on its feast on human flesh.

Reducing the spread of this virus will speed up the process of actually getting things back to normal. The sooner we can go back to some kind of normal state of living the sooner both people and business’ can get a fair shot of getting back on track again.

Stay home, stay clear and let’s fight this bitch!