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The past couple of days we made some seriously decisions on the house. We ordered a new sofa that has been delayed, which was a bummer. We bought a new industrial lamp for our stair case after the one we had exploded and the one we replaced it with turned out to have a huge scratch on the side.

Biggest decision though is we decided to actually remove a part of an original feature in our house.

Neither one of us saw that coming but we also realise the flow in our bedroom would be so much better if we could turn our bed around and place the head board on the opposite wall. So bye bye fire place in the bedroom.

And then it was the case of the spray paint. I bought a couple of cans before the wedding in April to which I made a custom made horse show from my friends horse into a wall decoration. The other day I realised there were more things that could do with a touch up so. Black bird – metal art piece – is now brass golden.

Two candle stick holders with unknown original colour – silver or gold – are now standing with primer to dry. Tomorrow I need to decide on a colour! Golden brass or silver. Or why not completely white?

Work wise it feels a little bit of a vacation to not have been out shooting during the past weekend but next week we need to cover two European Championships – technically they count for five – at two different locations for five days straight. So maybe a mini break and spray painting is all that’s needed to stay focused 😀