It’s as simple as that

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Lately I have been coming across a lot of people that for sure would benefit from implementing a little bit of photography 101 into their life. Photography 101 as in “know your sport“. In photography that means exactly what it sounds like. If you don’t know football you either learn it or you just don’t shoot it. It’s as simple as that.

In everyday life it’s the exact same thing. If you don’t know marketing just don’t do it and so on. However, in this modern time of age everybody seem to believe quick short cuts is the – only – way forward. I really wish they were but in all honestly do short cuts like ever work out the way they were planned to?

In my profession I watch people fill up their memory cards and just empty them online in the aim to make a quick buck. Does it work? Most probably yes, at least in the short run. Is it a good business plan. Not so much. Sooner or later people will see through the lack of quality and get fed up with your work.

And call me a snob but personally I’d go for quality every day of the week. Which leads me to my broken Louis Vuitton zipper.

The other week I realised I could see my phone screen through the zipper in one of my Louis Vuitton bags. Which in all fairness have been around for quite some time, but what a drama. Now it has to be exchanged and updated and I’m just like “woaw this will cost me a lot of extra time”. Until I realised Louis Vuitton have actually set up camp in the revamped Bijenkorf in Rotterdam. How genius is that?

Or so I thought.

I bet those bitches working there would not even let me and my friend who visited from Brussels into the store. In all the store just felt extremely unfriendly. Reminding me strongly about IKEA Delft where they round up customers like cattle by the check out points!

And here’s the thing. If you judge a book by its cover or you have zero people skills, please don’t work with customer service. It’s as simple as that.

Me and my broken hand bag  on the other hand are now planning for a road trip straight to the mother ship in Paris. Cause who wouldn’t want to go to Paris like any day of the week 😀


No photo editing Monday

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I can not believe I am actually “free” on a Monday. And by free, I mean free as in not editing any photos from the past weekend. That doesn’t mean any photos did not see the day of light during the weekend. No it just means they were all done during yesterday. Which means there is time to keep track on customer requests, customer support and even more important fixing the house.

Just maybe I should have worked a little bit harder on the last option but little things also make a difference. I’ve got completely hooked on a website I’m trying to set up. And let’s put it like this, the first trial did not work. Neither did the second but just now I feel a bit of hope that three indeed is a charm.. Stay tuned and you’ll find out more 😀


The world has turned

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Holy crap the world must have turned upside down. Yesterday was the sad sad anniversary of the tragic and very much violent death of a friend of ours. A top talented athlete who moved on WAY to soon. Imagine the shock and surprise another guy we know passed away yesterday. As if June had not been difficult enough so far.

Today on the other hand was a good day. Having some – self chosen – time on my hands my friend from Brussels skipped across the boarder and we had a fun afternoon doing girly stuff like gossiping, window shopping, actual shopping and drinking cock tails. Good for us!



Posted on Location: 1 min read

May was rough and ended in a sad way. In the end of April we found out a friend was dying in stage IV bone cancer. And making it even worse no one knew she was sick in the first place. The evil that is lung cancer had been flying under the radar till it was too late for anything.

In the end of the month she passed away and 1.5 week ago we said a sad but beautiful farewell in the church across the street. Just the way she orchestrated it <3

Meanwhile we had some of the most busy photo weeks all season. Thankfully we’ve finally worked trough it and can look forward to a couple of weekends with a little bit less work and focus on our house renovation. In all the show must go on no matter what..