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Today I went to Belgium for my microblading touch-up. And in all honesty, half way in to my session I seriously looked down the handbag to double check if I really had used lidocaine and not something else to numb out the brows. Turns out it indeed was lidocaine. And it also turned out it did not help like at all during today’s session. But no pain no gain heh..

The only thing really helping me out for this second appointment is that mouse wheel of my husbands computer. That thing sounds exactly like it does when they microblade you. And since I now hear that sound almost every day at the office I didn’t find the scratching sounds at all scary nor irritating.

vanderbroms In all I am super happy with how my brows are turning out – in the Snapchat picture drowned with cream – and can recommend this treatment to just anybody. But.. before you go all in on it. Make sure you do some serious homework on your make up artist.

I.e. if all the brows in the after shots on the salons site have the exact same shape I would really think twice before heading there. Cause the whole idea of shaping your brows is to enhance your very own facial features and not make you look like a cloned idiot.

In the featured photo a detail from a cool art piece I came across some months ago. Which made me very inspired to try out some new things.. Stay tuned and you’ll eventually find out more about that 😉