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After the past weekend I am more amazed than ever before over people that seem to have no need for income. How can you otherwise explain the thousands of photos people – read people labelling themselves as photographers – upload to social media to show of they were out and about. Quite shocking really.

In our own “back yard” some wannabee uploaded close to a 1000 photos from one day of competition. And never ever have I been so happy I was not there. What would be the point really. From the huge event in England that I did attend there are thousands of free photos.

From time to time things like this really make me seriously question my choice of profession. Cause here’s the thing. I need to sell photos to make my world spin in a positive way. No sales, no income, no life really.

The ones giving all their shit away for free mostly sit on a day job and do this for a hobby. These guys – actually they are mostly men – seem to have a complete other agenda and I’m not really sure I really want to know exactly what that is. Cause it doesn’t seem completely normal with middle aged men contacting under aged girls via social media just to give them a free photo of them and their horse..

In my photo it’s dinner time at the zoo. This photo is very typical me using natural light and shaping it into dramatic black and white.