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So we had an exciting week – still do – where we headed to England early (read in the middle of the night) Wednesday morning. We’re covering one of the largest equestrian events in the world that is Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials and so far we’re having a blast.

Right here and now we’re just waiting for the photographers briefing and our tabards so we can head out in the cross country. In all the amount of photographers surprises me more than ever before. Who are these people? Do they even know this sport? Why are they here?

Another thing that is more of a shocker is the size of the majority of the British ladies with cameras. I’m in no way to be considered skinny but compared to these gals I am like a full blown anorectic. How on earth they’ll even get out to the track is a bit of a question mark to me.

Shop till you drop.

Since we’re two of us here this time I had time to walk around the trade stands during yesterday afternoon. I had no idea it was such a huge shopping village at this particular event. In all lots of tack and gear for British country side and equestrian sport. But also lots of art and last but not least a food court where you can drink yourself around. Which of course was one the things I did. My trophy’s to bring back home is a bottle of Toffee Vodka and a bottle of Elderflower Gin – YUM.

The coolest part with an event like this you don’t even have to be a horse person to have a good time. Cause on top of the shopping the park around Badminton House is amazing. Plus today they also serve Pimm’s and bubbles in almost every corner of the cross country track.[hercules-gallery ids=”473,474,475,476″ rowheight=”150″ lastrow=”justify” visibleitems=”0″ thumbwidth=”220″ thumbheight=”200″ margins=”5″ captions=”false” pinit=”true” randomize=”false” opengallerylink=”true” opengallerytext=”OPEN GALLERY” backtostory=”Back to story”]Not that we can enjoy cause we’re all geared up for some serious photography! Let’s just hope the weather shape up just a tat. Current weather status – real feel minus one degree celsius..

In the pictures some of the things that appealed to me during my trade stand walk about.