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A couple of weeks ago I got a new pair of glasses. If they are trendy or not I do not know but I liked them instantly when I saw them at the shop. And since I also found them kind of fitting with my face it was kind of a slam dunk.  Just before I ordered the new glasses I had been to Belgium for some PMU*-treatment of my eyebrows. So far so good.

But then 1.5 week ago I went to my super hero of a hair dresser – who is also a freakishly talented photographer – and ordered a brutal haircut. Cause since I still cannot lift my left arm this whole thing of having long hair just made me look like an idiot. Always with a terrible bun on top.

Or I just look completely disorganised after actually trying to attempt to create a pony tail using my right hand only (I am left handed of origin so you can imagine how well that went..) So to make my life easier the long hair had to go.

And here’s the funny thing and the twist of the story.

Did anybody notice I finally had made that appointment for PMU for my stupid eyebrows? Not so much. So cudos on the Belgian salon owner who fixed me up looking so natural after this treatment. Did anybody notice I had new glasses?  Some did but in all, not so much.

However, after cutting of my hair to a bob kind of thing EVERYBODY suddenly notice I have new glasses..

*permanent makeup – in this case microblading