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Woaw, sometimes the workload is overwhelming. The past week was one of those weeks when it feels like I’ve been tied down to the computer. But finally it feels like I’m catching a break and can breath a bit before the upcoming power weekend with both family obligations – a wedding, YAY – and photography.

Today I could also continue to play around a bit with resin and damn that shit is hard to work with. Even so it feels very satisfying I am not the only one struggling to conquer this kind of material. I have some awesome ideas what I want to do. Now I just need to practise and figure out HOW.

But my horse shoe project seems to turn out fine and kind of cute which is exciting. Also working out fine was a horsey book project we’ve been working on during the winter. The joy of opening the first box of books at the printers on Friday was very much fun.

Now I hope people will buy it and also read it the way it was intended. As a guideline for the sport that takes up most of our work time. So much I decided to kill of the blog I was running on the topic. All in favour for regular work and this little part of the universe. For me it feels like the right choice 😀

In the photo a wind mill I found on a private excursion trying out my “party camera” Panasonic Lumix FZ-2000. A camera that has come in very handy for static objects and video.