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Yesterday I spent most of the day to clean up our workshop to get access to the overcrowded desktop. And late yesterday evening I did my first trial on an art project I’ve been thinking off for a while. To be honest it would have been so much better to wait till like today to get started. But being patient is a virtue I don’t possess.

Either way after partly screwing up the whole thing I now pretend I wouldn’t have succeeded on my very first try anyway. Which makes it so much easier to put down on the you live you learn expense account.

spray paintToday I’ve started on another crafty thing which I’ve been thinking of doing for years! Since I’m missing a crucial part of the project which have turned out insanely hard to find I decided to try out a slightly altered road regarding execution. But I do believe it can be kind of cool.

First step was to paint this shallow wooden box – still drying in the picture. Which i did using the Vintage Chalky Spray Tropical Ocean from Panduro which I found in a store downtown in Rotterdam. So far so good. Being crafty feels good πŸ˜€


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