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Had the perfect day lined out for me. Take care of customer orders and then have some me time to head out an pick up some art stuff I ordered during the weekend. But when I came downstairs I learnt we had zero electricity, Actually it took quite some time before I figured that one out.

So without coffee and no shower and a pile of orders I could not handle I hit the road for my pick up mission. A mission to which I’d added on “wash the bat mobile”. First five kilometers took some 25min due to a traffic accident.

Picking up a canvas at the printers ran really smooth but then the car washing place was closed. Which lead me on the war path to the plant shop next door. Where I picked up some really cute plants for the terrace. After picking up my art stuff I went home to find no parking even close to the house and had to drag all my dirt, plants and pots and so on in five turns from the car.

But I did manage to plant the new plants and replant the living plants from last year and clean up the terrace again. Then out to pick up hubby for a meeting. What should have been a 45min drive now took 1.5h. And somewhere by McDonalds my blood sugar levels were like zero point zero.

My friend C could totally tell the world what happens if anything goes wrong at this point. Many years ago I almost ripped the head (well maybe I was a bit more verbal) of an employee at McDonalds when being in a similar situation. Today I just sent the husband to the counter and sat down. And on the table next to me sat an elderly couple playing games on their iPads. Which is such an amazing thing I can’t stop smiling about it 😀