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I have a huge pet peeve for a specific photo genre that for me feels more creepy than anything else. And when I say creepy I mean horror movie creepy. Like Alfred Hitchcock creepy. Or like Jack Nicholson’s character in the horror classic of all horror classics – The Shining..

You’d think maybe I’m talking about war photography but I’m not. How scary photos from any kind of war zone may be. Those kind of photos do come along with a journalistic purpose and obligation in a more than often very messed up world.

No the genre in I’m talking about is baby photography. Not babies that are a couple of months old and cute and funny – if you happen to like babies. But the new born’s. It freaks the hell out of me. I rarely, if  ever actually, came across a studio shot of a newborn child actually looking alive. How freaky is that?

Ghost © Stock
Ghost © Stock

And the other day one of those scary ass “dead baby” shots flew through my Instagram flow and I’m like “but why”. HOW come neither the photographers nor the parents see that the babies look like staged dead people?

How hard can it be to make them look alive? I shot my fair share of portraits over the years and it doesn’t matter if it’s a horse, person, cat or cow. Everybody and anybody have angles that can come out looking terrible or just plain amazing.

The trick is to find which these angles are and capture them at its best. If you shoot horses in action you make them look alive. Footballers, brides and grooms they all look alive when the pros take the shots.

So how come the photographers in the genre of new born’s cannot make babies look alive?



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