No water, no bubbles – life on the terrace

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Note to self: fill up the bottle with water before attaching it to the SodaStream! Some days – mostly Mondays – I really do feel like an idiot. Not sure why these things always seem to happen on Mondays but I guess maybe that’s how things are supposed to be.

But never mind the stupidity of yours truly and let’s focus on the amazing weather outside. I believe I said it before but I really love this time of year when everything springs back to life. And on our terrace the plants that survived the winter are starting to grow again.

Interesting enough the strawberry plant that completely died – or so I thought – two winters ago have come back to life. For sure that is something to look forward to. At least if I can get some insects to find the flowers when that day come and make sure to pollinate them.

Also I look forward to follow the Instagram flow of @micaelbindefeld during spring and summer. This high end “party planner” of a man have the most AMAZING garden which he normally also shares lot of great photos from. Highly recommended to follow.

Now back to the sunshine and plants on the terrace 😎


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