Super glasses triumphs brutal haircut

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A couple of weeks ago I got a new pair of glasses. If they are trendy or not I do not know but I liked them instantly when I saw them at the shop. And since I also found them kind of fitting with my face it was kind of a slam dunk.  Just before I ordered the new glasses I had been to Belgium for some PMU*-treatment of my eyebrows. So far so good.

But then 1.5 week ago I went to my super hero of a hair dresser – who is also a freakishly talented photographer – and ordered a brutal haircut. Cause since I still cannot lift my left arm this whole thing of having long hair just made me look like an idiot. Always with a terrible bun on top.

Or I just look completely disorganised after actually trying to attempt to create a pony tail using my right hand only (I am left handed of origin so you can imagine how well that went..) So to make my life easier the long hair had to go.

And here’s the funny thing and the twist of the story.

Did anybody notice I finally had made that appointment for PMU for my stupid eyebrows? Not so much. So cudos on the Belgian salon owner who fixed me up looking so natural after this treatment. Did anybody notice I had new glasses?  Some did but in all, not so much.

However, after cutting of my hair to a bob kind of thing EVERYBODY suddenly notice I have new glasses..

*permanent makeup – in this case microblading


Oldest bitch at the wedding

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Wedding decorations © vanderbromsYesterday I attended the wedding of my husbands niece. The bride was absolutely stunning in her dress and makeup and it was a really nice afternoon and evening.

At least to the point when yours truly turned into the oldest bitch at the party. Like older than people WAY older than myself.

And the reason for this is  I could not take the hard pumping music. A loud Bryan Adams singing about the summer of 69 was like nemas problemas. But hard core euro techno (I actually don’t even know how to label it..) was not meant to be. At least not for me.

OMG it was like my throat and ears vibrated together with the base making me miserable and turning me into the oldest bitch at the wedding. Next time I go party I better bring ear plugs.. 😆

The photos are taken with my party camera.


Over worked; blogger / photographer / journalist

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Woaw, sometimes the workload is overwhelming. The past week was one of those weeks when it feels like I’ve been tied down to the computer. But finally it feels like I’m catching a break and can breath a bit before the upcoming power weekend with both family obligations – a wedding, YAY – and photography.

Today I could also continue to play around a bit with resin and damn that shit is hard to work with. Even so it feels very satisfying I am not the only one struggling to conquer this kind of material. I have some awesome ideas what I want to do. Now I just need to practise and figure out HOW.

But my horse shoe project seems to turn out fine and kind of cute which is exciting. Also working out fine was a horsey book project we’ve been working on during the winter. The joy of opening the first box of books at the printers on Friday was very much fun.

Now I hope people will buy it and also read it the way it was intended. As a guideline for the sport that takes up most of our work time. So much I decided to kill of the blog I was running on the topic. All in favour for regular work and this little part of the universe. For me it feels like the right choice 😀

In the photo a wind mill I found on a private excursion trying out my “party camera” Panasonic Lumix FZ-2000. A camera that has come in very handy for static objects and video. 




Busy little Bee playing with horse shoes

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So I’ve been a busy little bee the past week and spent four full days – read 15-17h a day – with just snapping and editing photos. Even though loving doing so it can get really stressful till you’re actually done with that final photo. Especially since people seem to believe all we do is fill up our memory cards to empty the photos on to a computer and then upload them. Trust me, there is a lot more to photography than just snapping and getting them online.

In between uploading I have also played around with my casting moulds and let’s just put it like this. Not everything is going according to plan.

Like this morning I was going to just add on a tiny piece of bronze tint into one batch. But guess what? The lid of the bronze tint came off and placed ALL of the tint into my batch. Instead of just pouring it out I left the whole batch in a bigger mould and we’ll see what may come out of it.

Horse shoes.

Also I’m in the middle of cleaning out some horse shoes. As a horse person you’d think I would not be surprised in how dirty those things really are. But seems I blocked out that particular part of horse business. Either way to get the rust out the easiest way seem to be good old fashioned cleaning vinegar.

badminton hose trialsThe photo of me being a fashion fool at work – why wouldn’t I be -and losing big time in a very much unofficial horse shoe throwing event at Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials the other year is taken by the ever so fun and talented @ph1lcole

You really should check her out on Instagram for some amazing shots of nature and animals. And for me I have a busy little bee weekend coming up playing with cameras and horses. LOVE IT!

The featured image is shot by me somewhere in Scotland in 2015.


Finally getting started with some crafty stuff

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Yesterday I spent most of the day to clean up our workshop to get access to the overcrowded desktop. And late yesterday evening I did my first trial on an art project I’ve been thinking off for a while. To be honest it would have been so much better to wait till like today to get started. But being patient is a virtue I don’t possess.

Either way after partly screwing up the whole thing I now pretend I wouldn’t have succeeded on my very first try anyway. Which makes it so much easier to put down on the you live you learn expense account.

spray paintToday I’ve started on another crafty thing which I’ve been thinking of doing for years! Since I’m missing a crucial part of the project which have turned out insanely hard to find I decided to try out a slightly altered road regarding execution. But I do believe it can be kind of cool.

First step was to paint this shallow wooden box – still drying in the picture. Which i did using the Vintage Chalky Spray Tropical Ocean from Panduro which I found in a store downtown in Rotterdam. So far so good. Being crafty feels good 😀


Some days you just cannot win

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Had the perfect day lined out for me. Take care of customer orders and then have some me time to head out an pick up some art stuff I ordered during the weekend. But when I came downstairs I learnt we had zero electricity, Actually it took quite some time before I figured that one out.

So without coffee and no shower and a pile of orders I could not handle I hit the road for my pick up mission. A mission to which I’d added on “wash the bat mobile”. First five kilometers took some 25min due to a traffic accident.

Picking up a canvas at the printers ran really smooth but then the car washing place was closed. Which lead me on the war path to the plant shop next door. Where I picked up some really cute plants for the terrace. After picking up my art stuff I went home to find no parking even close to the house and had to drag all my dirt, plants and pots and so on in five turns from the car.

But I did manage to plant the new plants and replant the living plants from last year and clean up the terrace again. Then out to pick up hubby for a meeting. What should have been a 45min drive now took 1.5h. And somewhere by McDonalds my blood sugar levels were like zero point zero.

My friend C could totally tell the world what happens if anything goes wrong at this point. Many years ago I almost ripped the head (well maybe I was a bit more verbal) of an employee at McDonalds when being in a similar situation. Today I just sent the husband to the counter and sat down. And on the table next to me sat an elderly couple playing games on their iPads. Which is such an amazing thing I can’t stop smiling about it 😀


Photography 101 – Full frame vs. Crop

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Lots of people out there seem to live and die by the conviction there’s nothing else but full frame. Personally I beg to differ on this one. Cause it all comes down to what you’re shooting. If your bread and butter is landscape, fashion or astro photography I would not think anything different than full frame really is the way to go.

But if you’re just like me are focusing on sports of the kind where you’re more than often find yourself quite a distance away from your object a fast moving crop camera could be more than genius. Cause with a crop camera you’ll get closer to the action using the same set of lenses as the one shooting with a full frame camera.

This is also one of the reasons I tend to use the Canon 7D II which has a 1.6 crop factor and shoots 10fps to almost anything equestrian sport. However, the exception to the rule is when I head indoors. For indoor photography the Canon 5D IV is my favourite weapon of choice. Mostly because I can use a high number of ISO and not worry about it.

To sum things up. In my book there’s no wrong or right on this one. In all the selection process of a camera house comes down to be true to yourself and what you’re actually planning to shoot. And last but not least your finances.

I shot this photo at the European Championships in eventing 2017. It’s made with a Canon 7D II and the Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM. A combination that really is my go to combination and works perfectly fine in my line of work,