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So, after many hours of thinking and testing while moving furniture around I managed to fit in my awesome winter vintage find in the empty fireplace in our living room.. Turned out the campaign style two drawer chest fitted like a hand in glow to that empty and somewhat irritating space. But.. even though I’ve been thinking of how great this chest would be as a bedside table in a future guest room I finally caved in to some serious DIY.

Do it yourself as in fixing it up.

campaign style vanderbroms
Campaign Style Two Drawer Chest

Cause after taking a much closer look than ever before I decided it is too much work to fix the woodwork up to it’s former glory. So let’s paint the thing.  Which is what I’ve started to do today.

My darling husband did most of the sandpapering. But at least I finished it of with a good layer of primer. So maybe, just maybe we can continue and paint the chest in the colour of my choice – very colourful – later on tonight. I believe it will be awesome!

When the chest is painted we will also decide on which colour to paint the empty fireplace where it shall live. Husband says keep as is, I say paint it dark. But we figured out as much as when the soon to be very much colourful two drawer chest is in place we will know which road to go.

Fixing the handles.

drawer handles vanderbroms Also when I removed the gorgeous brass handles from the drawers I figured out the assumed big job in fixing the broken one was an easy and smooth DIY fix.

It just needed a new pin, and that’s it! Love it! When having them lose like this I also removed and exchanged a dated pin from the other handle and updated with a fresh brass one.





In the featured photo one of my favourite birds – the regular good old city duck – in flight. 


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