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I must admit to not being only a vintage junkie but also a binge watcher of good shows on the tele. And some of my favourite shows for interior design is Million Dollar Listing – New York/LA. Even though – in a perfect world where I had that kind of money – I would probably not use any one but Josh Flagg (who doesn’t love Josh Flagg, heh) for any kind of job. I am amazed of the buildings and houses on display in these shows. They are such good inspirations.

Just recently I stumbled upon another good source of inspiration and that is Nate and Jeremiah by Design. These guys make wonders regarding interiors. On Nate Berkus site I also found this nice Chicago Townhouse decoration that I just love. Having a much smaller scale of the same kind of house I find lot of things we could actually do to our our house.

But for now I just continue with streamlining the living room which includes to convince the beloved husband that the unused fireplace would be better of dressed up in charcoal grey. Rather than the current state of charcoal grey stone combined with a cafe latte coloured back splash.

In all I really like the idea of a stack of vintage suite cases in the fake fireplace I found and pinned the other day after googling in how to dress up an empty fireplace. But instead of suite cases – which I don’t have – I tried placing my campaign style two drawer chest in the empty space of the fireplace. Topping it off with some vintage looking books and a vintage camera.

This actually made it a very subtle and also interesting feature. Except for the cafe latte coloured back splash kind of ruining the project. So I really need to paint that charcoal grey πŸ˜‰


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