Terror on Elmstreet, kind off..

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Today I seriously watched a spider in the size of a mouse strolling down the street. That is so NOT cool!!! Last time I saw something that big of an eight legged freak of nature was when I stayed in my friend’s castle in Belgium. In my opinion every eight legged freak in this part of the world descend from inside the walls of that castle. 

Cause no where else in the world have I ever seen and come across so many different kinds of scary monsters as i did in that place. Today’s more urban and city slicker kind of monster made me squeal like a little girl. Which in itself made people around me take a bit of distance from both me and the eight legged freak on the side walk.


For sure I will have nightmares about this tonight. Cause nothing freaks me out more than spiders! And if waking up from a nightmare and seeing myself in the mirror with my fresh out of the oven micro bladed eyebrows it will be a slam dunk horror effect 😀

Fixing the eyebrows is something I’ve been thinking about for quite sometime and today was the day it finally was gonna happen. Cannot say it hurt that much – thanks Lidocaine. Instead I felt the sound of the scraping through the skin was a bit worse. But in the end I do believe it looks pretty good. I know it will fade away a bit but so far so good.

Also I must say it feels very Katie Price to head for Belgium for a beauty treatment!

In the photo a box of fresh garlic – there really is nothing better for eating or even chasing away monsters 😉 – shot with a Canon 7D II and a 50mm Zeiss Milvus 1.4


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