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[bigletter custom_class=””]I’ve been struggling for weeks with a partly insignificant website issue where I cannot seem to get a code to work. Me and my best friend have been brainstorming a lot about it. But at this point there doesn’t seem to be a solution for my problem. Let’s hope the support team wake up and read their mail tomorrow morning so I can get it out of the system.[/bigletter]

Cause I am really not a fan av malfunctioning technology, whatever it may be. Cameras, cars, scooters, computers and websites should just work. One thing that seems to be work well is the new layout of my blog. I shuffled some sites and themes around and decided this layout fits best in this environment.

But while updating my different sites I came across a big HUGE warning from the WordPress system. A warning stating my classic editor plugin is blocking (oh the irony) the new block editor provided with WordPress 5.

And here’s the thing. That’s the whole point! If it ain’t broken don’t try to fix it! Being an avid WordPress user I really cannot even start to grasp what the hell they were thinking when rolling out their new editor. What an epic fail! Just like the weather the past weekend, but lucky me I have not set foot outside the door except to check on the plants on the terrace.

The photo was taken in the Markthal in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Seconds before the store owner seriously asked a tourist to pay up before taking photos. Customer service – not for everybody.. 😉