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Today’s simple to do life hack includes a bottle of rhum, cacao, a Dolce Gusto milk container and the Dolce Gusto machine. And just like that you can make yourself a delicious Jamaican Hot Coco 😀

If you ask me that is one of the better beverages for cold winter’s (spring/fall) days. On the work side of life my new work pants arrived from Scandinavia this afternoon and who doesn’t love gumball pink heh.

I do hope hope these awesome looking pants from Revolutionary Race will do the trick for me. Cause finding good work pants for any kind of outdoor photography is really hard.

Being gumball pink and all they are also in line with my other stuff which basically is all pink. Not sure how it started but what was once a bit of a joke. Has now turned into a serious trademark for yours truly.

The photo is shot in the Scottish Higlands in September 2015 with a Nikon 1 J2.