DIY or it won’t be done like ever

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So, after many hours of thinking and testing while moving furniture around I managed to fit in my awesome winter vintage find in the empty fireplace in our living room.. Turned out the campaign style two drawer chest fitted like a hand in glow to that empty and somewhat irritating space. But.. even though I’ve been thinking of how great this chest would be as a bedside table in a future guest room I finally caved in to some serious DIY.

Do it yourself as in fixing it up.

campaign style vanderbroms
Campaign Style Two Drawer Chest

Cause after taking a much closer look than ever before I decided it is too much work to fix the woodwork up to it’s former glory. So let’s paint the thing.  Which is what I’ve started to do today.

My darling husband did most of the sandpapering. But at least I finished it of with a good layer of primer. So maybe, just maybe we can continue and paint the chest in the colour of my choice – very colourful – later on tonight. I believe it will be awesome!

When the chest is painted we will also decide on which colour to paint the empty fireplace where it shall live. Husband says keep as is, I say paint it dark. But we figured out as much as when the soon to be very much colourful two drawer chest is in place we will know which road to go.

Fixing the handles.

drawer handles vanderbroms Also when I removed the gorgeous brass handles from the drawers I figured out the assumed big job in fixing the broken one was an easy and smooth DIY fix.

It just needed a new pin, and that’s it! Love it! When having them lose like this I also removed and exchanged a dated pin from the other handle and updated with a fresh brass one.





In the featured photo one of my favourite birds – the regular good old city duck – in flight. 


Inspirational TV-shows

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I must admit to not being only a vintage junkie but also a binge watcher of good shows on the tele. And some of my favourite shows for interior design is Million Dollar Listing – New York/LA. Even though – in a perfect world where I had that kind of money – I would probably not use any one but Josh Flagg (who doesn’t love Josh Flagg, heh) for any kind of job. I am amazed of the buildings and houses on display in these shows. They are such good inspirations.

Just recently I stumbled upon another good source of inspiration and that is Nate and Jeremiah by Design. These guys make wonders regarding interiors. On Nate Berkus site I also found this nice Chicago Townhouse decoration that I just love. Having a much smaller scale of the same kind of house I find lot of things we could actually do to our our house.

But for now I just continue with streamlining the living room which includes to convince the beloved husband that the unused fireplace would be better of dressed up in charcoal grey. Rather than the current state of charcoal grey stone combined with a cafe latte coloured back splash.

In all I really like the idea of a stack of vintage suite cases in the fake fireplace I found and pinned the other day after googling in how to dress up an empty fireplace. But instead of suite cases – which I don’t have – I tried placing my campaign style two drawer chest in the empty space of the fireplace. Topping it off with some vintage looking books and a vintage camera.

This actually made it a very subtle and also interesting feature. Except for the cafe latte coloured back splash kind of ruining the project. So I really need to paint that charcoal grey 😉


Instagram-safe the house..

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One of my oldest friends have recently finished off a renovation project which just like in our house have been a bit overdue. The photos she sent me from their new bathroom, dining and living room area are just amazing. It is like taken from a catalogue without being a catalogue. In all her already amazing house is now starting to turn into something close to 100% Instagram proof.

mantle piece in stone
Mantle piece detail

So here’s my plan. Since we are in the middle of renovating a town house from 1913. Our home is partly like a total mess! For one we’re using the dining room as an office and the office as a workshop.

But while filling up our living room with my latest vintage finds I’ve started to think on how I can turn the current office and joint living area into something truly amazing.

  1. First step is to find a solution to shine up the black stone mantle piece that partly lost it’s shine
  2. Second step is to fit and refit our furniture
  3. Third step is to figure out how to show off those amazing stained windows ones and for all

In all this is an amazing house and it really deserves to be Instagram proof. So let the games begin!


Oops I did it again..

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It could be my beloved husband will come up with a vintage shopping ban for yours truly in a very nearby future. Cause today when heading for the grocery store I did a tat of a detour to a vintage shop and picked up this tiny curvy solid oak nightstand kind of thing.  What can I say, it spoke to me: please take me with you.

And here’s the thing. I love solid heavy oak pieces. I don’t care if they are in our out of fashion. There’s something about them that attracts me. And this I will either sandpaper down and then finish of using some kind of oil. Or god forbid I will just paint it into something off white. But for now I just leave it be and see if I can read the stamp in the bottom and try to figure out its origin.


Stressful start of the season

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Woaw, time really does fly when you’re having fun. And for me the sporting season of 2019 just kicked off which mean I suddenly have to shoot way more than I’ve done in the past three months. And right now that is a quite painful experience I might add. I have a totally broken shoulder which is both painful and extremely limiting regarding movement. Not ideal when you’re a photographer.

But the stress of having problems with my left shoulder set aside I really do love this time of year. Maybe not always for sports photography in the forest when the sun is out – hard shadows – but in all you can find some amazing natural light when you’re out an about.

On Sunday I was out and about and played with a remote camera. I really wish there was more time to play around with those kind of toys but unfortunately most of the times there isn’t. But this time around when I had time and the weather was perfect. The competitors really didn’t come down the short route through the fence where the remote was placed so that was kind of a bust.

Infinity focus.

Also kind of a bust is me trying to learn how to shoot using infinity focus in manual focus setting with a wide angle lens. And here’s the funny part. I “googled” and ended up on YouTube for some serious tutorials on the subject. But as always there seem to be an never ending pool of know it all kind of people making this videos.

Cause EVERYBODY seem to know the 100% best way to conquer this technique. Even though not one single piece of advise seem to line up with another piece of advise which makes things extremely confusing. So tomorrow I will just go ahead and do what I normally do in these kinds of situations. Which is to set a day aside to figure things out all by myself. Normally that really is the best way to go about things.

Meanwhile, if anybody actually does know anything and or have any experience working with the Irix 15mm 2.4 Blackstone I really would want to hear all about it. I found some amazing dirt bike shots made with either the 11mm or the 15mm on an online magazine and those shots were freaking amazing which made me very curious.

The feature photo in this post is shot with a Panasonic Lumix 2000/2500 and may not have so much with remote shooting as it has with how I felt the other day. When I found a mini scoop and did my duty as a part time writing journalist. Just to see another journalist turn my original feature into her very own “exclusive”. 


Vintage junkie bonanza

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Whoop whoop, yesterday me and my sister in laws went out on a vintage hunt. And I must give credit to the oldest of the two for her super organised mega planned day. A day which for me ended up losing them at a cross road not too far away from home calling it quits.

roman warrior vintage shoppingBut before my unfortunate departure from the troops I did end up with some old fashioned kind of bird prints which will fit hand in glove in the explorer themed dining room which currently is our office.

I also found some storage boxes of a more modern sort but wrapped with vintage prints making them excellent storage and view finders in a bookshelf.

I also came home with a tiny roman warrior on wheels which I have no clue if he was old or not. But that little guy win on his equestrian themed look and the fact he made a perfect fit in the living room window.


Terror on Elmstreet, kind off..

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Today I seriously watched a spider in the size of a mouse strolling down the street. That is so NOT cool!!! Last time I saw something that big of an eight legged freak of nature was when I stayed in my friend’s castle in Belgium. In my opinion every eight legged freak in this part of the world descend from inside the walls of that castle. 

Cause no where else in the world have I ever seen and come across so many different kinds of scary monsters as i did in that place. Today’s more urban and city slicker kind of monster made me squeal like a little girl. Which in itself made people around me take a bit of distance from both me and the eight legged freak on the side walk.


For sure I will have nightmares about this tonight. Cause nothing freaks me out more than spiders! And if waking up from a nightmare and seeing myself in the mirror with my fresh out of the oven micro bladed eyebrows it will be a slam dunk horror effect 😀

Fixing the eyebrows is something I’ve been thinking about for quite sometime and today was the day it finally was gonna happen. Cannot say it hurt that much – thanks Lidocaine. Instead I felt the sound of the scraping through the skin was a bit worse. But in the end I do believe it looks pretty good. I know it will fade away a bit but so far so good.

Also I must say it feels very Katie Price to head for Belgium for a beauty treatment!

In the photo a box of fresh garlic – there really is nothing better for eating or even chasing away monsters 😉 – shot with a Canon 7D II and a 50mm Zeiss Milvus 1.4