Terror on Elmstreet, kind off..

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Today I seriously watched a spider in the size of a mouse strolling down the street. That is so NOT cool!!! Last time I saw something that big of an eight legged freak of nature was when I stayed in my friend’s castle in Belgium. In my opinion every eight legged freak in this part of the world descend from inside the walls of that castle. 

Cause no where else in the world have I ever seen and come across so many different kinds of scary monsters as i did in that place. Today’s more urban and city slicker kind of monster made me squeal like a little girl. Which in itself made people around me take a bit of distance from both me and the eight legged freak on the side walk.


For sure I will have nightmares about this tonight. Cause nothing freaks me out more than spiders! And if waking up from a nightmare and seeing myself in the mirror with my fresh out of the oven micro bladed eyebrows it will be a slam dunk horror effect 😀

Fixing the eyebrows is something I’ve been thinking about for quite sometime and today was the day it finally was gonna happen. Cannot say it hurt that much – thanks Lidocaine. Instead I felt the sound of the scraping through the skin was a bit worse. But in the end I do believe it looks pretty good. I know it will fade away a bit but so far so good.

Also I must say it feels very Katie Price to head for Belgium for a beauty treatment!

In the photo a box of fresh garlic – there really is nothing better for eating or even chasing away monsters 😉 – shot with a Canon 7D II and a 50mm Zeiss Milvus 1.4


Project walk in closet

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One of the ongoing projects we have in our house is the walk in closet. Our house was built in 1913 and survived the bombings of Rotterdam, Netherlands. So remodelling this gorgeous house with all its original features is something that is not done over night so to speak.

So we do a bit at the time. Sometime a little bit here and a little bit there. Cause when also having a home office for me the house really has to be functional during renovations. But to get inspired we watch a lot of television shows about house renovations. Basically we binge watch anything from Million Dollar Listing LA – I love Josh Flagg – to re runs of the Aussie show The block to the Dutch show Makelaars met een missie – Realtors with a mission.

And what REALLY surprises us is the Dutch show. A show where everybody seem to think that a room with a window and an open closet equals a walk in closet. Well it’s not. It’s a room with a window and an open closet. No more no less. The only thing that will truly come out of this kind of construction would probably be the house owners missing out on a den plus some sadly discoloured and faded clothing items.

Let’s do this!

I forgot to place one of my favourite handbags in its dust bag for a year and know EVERYTHING that is to know about faded and discoloured items. In the case with my handbag from Karen Millen it actually worked out quite well since it was a purple bag turned raspberry red and now is so much cooler. But still the buyers and the realtors seem to believe any spare bedroom and or den equals a walk in closet.

In our house we have a designated area for the walk in closet. A dark room inside our bedroom with no windows. At least not after we close the somewhat misplaced skylight in this space. The room in itself is quite a big space big and by opening up the roof by the skylight it could also have turned into a staircase up to the private roof terrace I dream about.

But we will indeed stick to the plan which is to turn this ugly excuse of an empty – well maybe not completely empty – space to a walk in closet.  And for this reason only my poor hubby have agreed to actually watch Sex and the City to really get my vision in where we should go with this project. Meanwhile I collect inspiration on Pinterest. Stay tuned for photos.. 😉

The photo illustrating this post was shot about a year ago. For sure I used my Panasonic Lumix and the flowers belong to the tree of the neighbours. Looking out the window it seems we’re not far away to the 2019 edition of this cool and colourful event 😀 


Photography 101 – Finding your gear

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Finding your gear for photography can be a very daunting task. And of all the things I wish I had known when heading out there, knowing in what gear to invest would top my list. Cause let’s face it. Everybody has an opinion on what the best gear for you may be. Even though themselves may not even be close to actually do the same things you do they seem to know..

Even worse. Lot of articles and reviews are written by – sorry to say – men who seem to believe they know everything and or anything photography. Or they actually do know everything. At least on a theoretical level and therefor try to push their very much strange and weird ideas and so called truths to anyone willing to fall for it.

My best advise is to trust your instincts. For sports photography of the sort I do, a zoom and a wide angle may work as a charm for some photographers. While others stick to their primes no matter what. A couple of years ago after dropping and breaking my Canon 70-200 2.8 at an event far away from home I suddenly found myself starting to use my Canon 135mm prime for everything.

Initially at the event where the 70-200 said goodbye I struggled like hell to get something decent out of that 135mm. But after that weekend, the lens I originally purchased for indoor events was my number one choice for everything. I still pull it out on bright summer’s days and dark winter nights, Just love it!

New love story.

eventingphoto "military waregem"
Canon 5D IV Canon 100-400mm 4-5.6 II

Since almost two years back in time my go to lens for equestrian sport is the Canon 100-400 4-5.6 II. The high numbers on the aperture doesn’t suit everybody but for me this lens fits like a hand in glove. Never mind the reviews and articles stating it’s a poor mans 400mm.

This lens does everything I ask for it on outdoor events – which is my bread and butter. It delivers pristine quality photos which of course can vary in between cameras and photographers.

And unlike the Canon 200-400 4.0 – which weighs about a ton when you drag it around for 15km –  the 100mm is what makes my choice of lens so much more versatile. Especially for yours truly who hates dragging around two or more cameras at the same time. Cause why some people feel the need to work up to four to six cameras simultaneously I do not and will not understand. At least not within the equestrian community.

If the outcome of the photos would “woaw” me or anyone else for that matter I would get it. But in all honestly so far the woaw factor is missing out regarding these “sherpa style” colleagues of mine. That doesn’t mean I feel superior. I just do my thing and try to do it good. And changing cameras in the middle of action – remote camera excluded – really isn’t my thing. For others it could be like frosting on a cake to work a 300mm alongside with a 70-200mm. While others just work a 200mm and be done with it.

To sum things up. Select the gear that fits you and the things you’d like to shoot with it and make sure you invest wise.

The featured photo is from a show room of equestrian helmets I shot for work the other week. Made with Canon 5D IV and Sigma Art 50mm 1.4. A combo I consider perfect for product photo, interior details and portraits.


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Sometimes things don’t go according to plan

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I’ve been struggling for weeks with a partly insignificant website issue where I cannot seem to get a code to work. Me and my best friend have been brainstorming a lot about it. But at this point there doesn’t seem to be a solution for my problem. Let’s hope the support team wake up and read their mail tomorrow morning so I can get it out of the system.

Cause I am really not a fan av malfunctioning technology, whatever it may be. Cameras, cars, scooters, computers and websites should just work. One thing that seems to be work well is the new layout of my blog. I shuffled some sites and themes around and decided this layout fits best in this environment.

But while updating my different sites I came across a big HUGE warning from the WordPress system. A warning stating my classic editor plugin is blocking (oh the irony) the new block editor provided with WordPress 5.

And here’s the thing. That’s the whole point! If it ain’t broken don’t try to fix it! Being an avid WordPress user I really cannot even start to grasp what the hell they were thinking when rolling out their new editor. What an epic fail! Just like the weather the past weekend, but lucky me I have not set foot outside the door except to check on the plants on the terrace.

The photo was taken in the Markthal in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Seconds before the store owner seriously asked a tourist to pay up before taking photos. Customer service – not for everybody.. 😉


Life hack of the day

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Today’s simple to do life hack includes a bottle of rhum, cacao, a Dolce Gusto milk container and the Dolce Gusto machine. And just like that you can make yourself a delicious Jamaican Hot Coco 😀

If you ask me that is one of the better beverages for cold winter’s (spring/fall) days. On the work side of life my new work pants arrived from Scandinavia this afternoon and who doesn’t love gumball pink heh.

I do hope hope these awesome looking pants from Revolutionary Race will do the trick for me. Cause finding good work pants for any kind of outdoor photography is really hard.

Being gumball pink and all they are also in line with my other stuff which basically is all pink. Not sure how it started but what was once a bit of a joke. Has now turned into a serious trademark for yours truly.

The photo is shot in the Scottish Higlands in September 2015 with a Nikon 1 J2.