Yesterday I went down to Brussels to catch up with my oldest friend from “back home” as people may refer to it. Both she and I’ve been living outside our native home country for most parts of our lives and have not seen each other for years.

What I realised quite fast is Brussels really is a forgotten destination for tourists. Of course there are tourists but quite frankly being stuck in between Amsterdam and Paris. Brussels need to struggle a bit.

But we had fun, we walked around up and down the hills around the tourist traps around Grand Place and managed to take on one serious flea market. Several antique and vintage shops. Even some comic book stores – big Big Bang theory warning. A liquid lunch and topping the whole day of with a lobster dinner at Chez Léon. Since I really try to stay away of sea food I still feel very sorry for the lobster. But at least he was the first one in like 15 years.

I also made some stupid snapshots on my phone and got some cool buildings caught on my party camera. I do have a thing for black and white photography – always had and always will – and love how easy it is to turn quite colourful photos into dramatic scenes.



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