Yesterday I could easily have ended up in some kind of shopping frenzy. This after heading for a shopping mall that only have interior design and furniture on the agenda. How the stores in this massive and somewhat empty – praise the winter holidays – can even survive I do not know.

But I sure hope they do survive. Cause in this buffet of interior stores I found some true gems. And in one of these gems I also found the bookshelf of my dreams! Unfortunately I got so over excited finding it so I completely screwed up my photo.

In another store I found a metal parrot which matches our explorer styled dining room like a hand in glove. And the parrot did follow me home.

Also fitting into the explorer theme is the director’s chair I drug home on Friday. But the director’s chair is brand new and could probably benefit from standing on the terrace for a week or two and get properly beat up by the elements.

That is if I’m gonna keep it in the house. It could also be it ends up in my company car or the caravan. If to stay in our house I really need to figure out how to exchange anything stainless steel on it into good old fashion brass.

For the caravan I found some awesome sheets some people claim are for children and I claim are perfect for the nautical themed caravan. If I cannot have a boat in the water the cabana on wheels have to do the trick.

The photo of the parrot is a quick snap with my party camera the Panasonic Lumix FZ2000/2500. The tiles in the background are really old and original and the backdrop of our five burner gas stove.


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