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Photography was never really my first hand choice of profession. Even though getting my first camera at four years old. And taking a heap load of photo and art classes at a younger age photography didn’t truly fall on my lap till I met my beloved husband.

He had a photo business already when we met and pulled me in to join him. And in all I’m thinking things have worked out pretty fine.

One of the best things with photography as in with any other form of art or sport, is you never ever really know everything about it. There are always new things to learn and new paths to follow. At least if you want to. Some photographers stray for years and never find “their true thing”.

Make sure you know your sport..

It may sound obvious from an outsider but oh my lord. The photo scene in my sport – which would be equestrian sport – is over crowded with wanna bees who come out for both big and small events knowing absolutely zero and nada about the sport is starting to be insane.

Even worse they manage to get accreditations for the world’s biggest sporting events even though they don’t know what is front and back of a horse!

I firmly believe and respect everybody is a beginner at one point of his or her career. But WHY so many men – these characters are normally men – find it appropriate to cover a sport they know nothing about is way an beyond my imagination.

It’s like me waking up one day coming up with the idea I should become a tennis photographer. A sport I know very little to none about and where I would only – if I ever actually got in to an event – would take up space from some other most likely way more interested and knowledgable snapper.

So remember this. Know your sport. Start small think big. Your day will come!

In the photo one of my favourite animals – the Prairie dog