The typical vintage junkie

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I admit to being the typical vintage junkie. I LOVE flea and “antique” markets and the more conventional second hand shop. There are just so many useful and beautiful things people just toss out for no obvious reason what so ever.

Lately I have completely snowed in on Campaign styled furniture. Not long ago I found an absolute gorgeous little two drawer chest for like no money in a thrift store. Which I to my husbands great amusement dragged home and up the stairs in our over 100 year old house all by myself.

For now it’s just standing there waiting for me to drag it up an additional steep stair and start working on it. But oh my god how gorgeous this vintage piece of furniture is.

I can’t wait till I can place it in either our “explorer themed” dining room – which currently works an office since we’re renovating the house. Or as a chic little night stand in an up and coming guest room.


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