Took off for Brussels

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Yesterday I went down to Brussels to catch up with my oldest friend from “back home” as people may refer to it. Both she and I’ve been living outside our native home country for most parts of our lives and have not seen each other for years.

What I realised quite fast is Brussels really is a forgotten destination for tourists. Of course there are tourists but quite frankly being stuck in between Amsterdam and Paris. Brussels need to struggle a bit.

But we had fun, we walked around up and down the hills around the tourist traps around Grand Place and managed to take on one serious flea market. Several antique and vintage shops. Even some comic book stores – big Big Bang theory warning. A liquid lunch and topping the whole day of with a lobster dinner at Chez Léon. Since I really try to stay away of sea food I still feel very sorry for the lobster. But at least he was the first one in like 15 years.

I also made some stupid snapshots on my phone and got some cool buildings caught on my party camera. I do have a thing for black and white photography – always had and always will – and love how easy it is to turn quite colourful photos into dramatic scenes.



Shopping frenzy..

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Yesterday I could easily have ended up in some kind of shopping frenzy. This after heading for a shopping mall that only have interior design and furniture on the agenda. How the stores in this massive and somewhat empty – praise the winter holidays – can even survive I do not know.

But I sure hope they do survive. Cause in this buffet of interior stores I found some true gems. And in one of these gems I also found the bookshelf of my dreams! Unfortunately I got so over excited finding it so I completely screwed up my photo.

In another store I found a metal parrot which matches our explorer styled dining room like a hand in glove. And the parrot did follow me home.

Also fitting into the explorer theme is the director’s chair I drug home on Friday. But the director’s chair is brand new and could probably benefit from standing on the terrace for a week or two and get properly beat up by the elements.

That is if I’m gonna keep it in the house. It could also be it ends up in my company car or the caravan. If to stay in our house I really need to figure out how to exchange anything stainless steel on it into good old fashion brass.

For the caravan I found some awesome sheets some people claim are for children and I claim are perfect for the nautical themed caravan. If I cannot have a boat in the water the cabana on wheels have to do the trick.

The photo of the parrot is a quick snap with my party camera the Panasonic Lumix FZ2000/2500. The tiles in the background are really old and original and the backdrop of our five burner gas stove.


Photography 101 – know your sport

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Photography was never really my first hand choice of profession. Even though getting my first camera at four years old. And taking a heap load of photo and art classes at a younger age photography didn’t truly fall on my lap till I met my beloved husband.

He had a photo business already when we met and pulled me in to join him. And in all I’m thinking things have worked out pretty fine.

One of the best things with photography as in with any other form of art or sport, is you never ever really know everything about it. There are always new things to learn and new paths to follow. At least if you want to. Some photographers stray for years and never find “their true thing”.

Make sure you know your sport..

It may sound obvious from an outsider but oh my lord. The photo scene in my sport – which would be equestrian sport – is over crowded with wanna bees who come out for both big and small events knowing absolutely zero and nada about the sport is starting to be insane.

Even worse they manage to get accreditations for the world’s biggest sporting events even though they don’t know what is front and back of a horse!

I firmly believe and respect everybody is a beginner at one point of his or her career. But WHY so many men – these characters are normally men – find it appropriate to cover a sport they know nothing about is way an beyond my imagination.

It’s like me waking up one day coming up with the idea I should become a tennis photographer. A sport I know very little to none about and where I would only – if I ever actually got in to an event – would take up space from some other most likely way more interested and knowledgable snapper.

So remember this. Know your sport. Start small think big. Your day will come!

In the photo one of my favourite animals – the Prairie dog


You know your’re tired when..

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When you’re standing in the kitchen and cannot seem to figure out that you actually need to place the capsule – yes SHAME on me for having a coffee maker like that – into the machine to get coffee. Then you know you’re tired.

And why wouldn’t I bee. I went out to a trade fair with my homies this weekend. A trip themed early mornings late nights and lots of wine.. So today it’s fair to say I am a bit beat.

Nevertheless I believe it’s Tuesday – already – and I have things to do. Before noon tomorrow I really need to figure out how the RSS to newsletter thingy is working at MailChimp. If anybody have any information on that department feel free to share.

But first I will kick start by editing the pictures I shot at the trade fair. Both still and video.



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As a small business owner you need to either pay people to do things for you or you try to do most of the stuff by yourself. One of the things I do myself is website creations. Today is one of those days when I’m trying to set up a new feature for a project site of mine.

But.. it’s like trolls taking over the planet. Today I cannot get anything to work. At ALL! My first attempt on new features was like five minutes and a row of code away when everything fell flat to the ground. With no recovery.

Second attempt was like stepping back into 2005 or similar. I mean WHO builds and deliver a script – free or not – that is not responsive in the year of 2019. Non responsive equals no good for like anybody but someones granny.


The beautiful colourful wooden Tulips live in my kitchen window.


The typical vintage junkie

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I admit to being the typical vintage junkie. I LOVE flea and “antique” markets and the more conventional second hand shop. There are just so many useful and beautiful things people just toss out for no obvious reason what so ever.

Lately I have completely snowed in on Campaign styled furniture. Not long ago I found an absolute gorgeous little two drawer chest for like no money in a thrift store. Which I to my husbands great amusement dragged home and up the stairs in our over 100 year old house all by myself.

For now it’s just standing there waiting for me to drag it up an additional steep stair and start working on it. But oh my god how gorgeous this vintage piece of furniture is.

I can’t wait till I can place it in either our “explorer themed” dining room – which currently works an office since we’re renovating the house. Or as a chic little night stand in an up and coming guest room.