The good, the bad and the ugly

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There are two kinds of people in this world. The good, the bad and the ugly. Technically that would make three categories but in my world the bad and the ugly are kind of the same thing. And let me explain.

Bad People.

The other day I went out on a quest to find some wild horses to get in front of my camera. And on my way to the nature reserve I came across a freak of nature of an ugly and bad man.

Ugly as in a mental freak. Not only did he fly into the road where I was driving and almost running me off the road. When I honked to get his attention he was not alone he slammed the breaks and left his car in the middle of the road and ran up to my door and banged on the window. AS IF I would open either one of them..

When he realised people were staring at him he jumped into his car and blocked the road in front of me driving like 5km an hour. And when I tried to overtake him he accelerated and then slammed the breaks again and ran out of his car and started to film me where I was sitting in my car. WHAT a freak! You’d think at this point he was done with being an full blown idiot.

But no, senor was not done just yet. Once more he jumped into his car and this time around he drove a couple of 100 meters just to suddenly stop on the side on the road to indicate I should take him over.

Again, AS IF!

So I just stopped and parked behind him. Killed my engine and leaned back and waited him out. Something that didn’t take long.

And let me tell you this. If you’re a plus 55 man kind of thing and behave like this you really should seek out some mental therapy. But for now let’s keep this freak of nature as an example of the bad and the ugly.

Good people.

Despite me feeling a bit freaked out I did find my nature reserve and grabbed my gear to get out and search for those wild horses. However, the first thing I came across and which made my day was not any horses. It was not even a cow. It was people!

Good people.

Good people armed with a garbage bag walking both outside and inside the reserve picking up plastic and other garbage! This made my day.

These kind of people is what the world need more of to become a better place. I try to be a good person. I don’t always succeed.

And for sure I failed completely on my quest of finding those ponies. But I did find some cute and fluffy Scottish Highlands. And they also make great super models.


Photography 101 – get paid

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So you want to become a photographer. Let me stop you right there and tell you it is a freakishly hard profession to get into. Inspirational yes but you must be aware that your aspiring photo career will demand a lot of work from you. And it will also be lined up with people with cameras who just don’t give a shit.

People who don’t bother if you get paid or not because themselves have a day job and give all their shit away for free on Social Media in return for well, absolutely NOTHING.

So step one, you should ALWAYS make sure you’ll get paid for your work. It doesn’t matter if your flipping burgers at McDonalds or if you’re a graphic designer or a one day old photographer. You need to make sure you don’t fall into the trap of not charging money for your work.

Some of you may think “well I am new to this and should not charge people till I’ve got more experience”. Believe me it doesn’t work that way. And if you place everything in relation to i.e. flipping burgers. When was the last time you heard of a first day burger flipping employee not getting paid for work?

swan vanderbroms
Swan in black and white © vanderbroms